SLIIT Research Grants Scheme to Promote Research Activities of SLIIT Academics


SLIIT is committed to foster and actively promote research activities of SLIIT academics and students. With the intention of nurturing a vibrant research culture at SLIIT, a comprehensive research grant scheme has been in place. Research grants provide funding for SLIIT academic staff to conduct research in their own areas of interest. Such research would help the academics to enhance/update their subject knowledge and other associated skills.

Therefore it is envisaged that the research projects are conducted in the domain of his /her teaching at SLIIT.

Eligible SLIIT Academics are cordially invited to make the full use of this research grants scheme which would not only benefit SLIIT, but also help to improve carrier advancement of academics in the long run.


Given below are the guidelines for SLIIT academics interested in conducting research using SLIIT research grants.

  1. Although these grants are open to all confirmed members of SLIIT academic staff, (individually or as groups) the principal researcher must be in a senior academic, i.e. academic who is in senior lecturer grade or above grade. This condition has been imposed to maintain the quality standards of the research projects undertaken by the academics.
  2. Researchers (individually or teams) may apply grants for more than one research project in a given year. There must be separate proposals for each research project, if a staff member (or a particular team) is applying for more than one grant.
  3. The principal researchers are encouraged to group up with other academic members to conduct research projects.


Expected Outcome:

The successful research grant recipients are expected to make publications in recognized journals and conferences on completion of their research. For example, on completion of one year of receiving a research grant the recipient researchers should demonstrate that they actively work toward making at least one publication in a leading refereed journal or few publications in a recognized conference.

The progress of research activity of each project will be monitored by a committee appointed for this purpose, as agreed by the principal researcher and the Dean/Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Research Grant:

Annual research grant worth of Rs. 350,000is awarded to an approved research group lead by a senior academic (senior academic means an academic who is in Senior Lecturer grade or an above grade) toan approved specific research project.