TALE 2014

Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering Conference

8 – 10 December 2014 Wellington, New Zealand



Draft Paper deadline: Extended to 20 September 2014


This year TALE will be co-located with:




The aim of TALE is to provide a forum for academicians and professionals from various educational fields and with cross-disciplinary interests to network, share knowledge and engage in dialogue around the theme of fostering innovation and excellence in engineering education. To this end, both research and practice-oriented papers are invited that encompass all aspects of education in the engineering fields (including computing, computer science, information technology and cognate disciplines). The conference features traditional paper presentations, workshops, as well as keynotes by renowned educational experts and authorities.


Presentation Formats

Proposals for participation in TALE 2014 can be submitted in the following formats:

Papers: full paper

Papers: work-in-progress (WIP)


Special sessions

  • Panels
  • Workshops
  • Each of these formats is described in detail on the conference website.



Draft Full Paper Submission: Extended to 20 September 2014

Notification of paper acceptance: 6 October 2014

Final paper submission: 27 October 2014


Paper Categories

TALE welcomes full papers up to eight-pages and work-in-progress papers up to four-pages that address the broad tracks of (1) innovative practice, (2) research-to-practice, and (3) research. Work-in-progress papers are typically in areas where it is understood the work is in an early or intermediate stage and authors are seeking feedback from the community. Additional information may be found on the TALE 2014 Web site.


To register online, please click on the link below:



Special Tracks

Special Track on Computing Education “Innovations for Computing Education”

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society.


Computing is undergoing big changes. Nowadays, computers are not only desktop machines but also lightweight notebooks inside your bags and smart devices inside your pockets. With the popularity of cloud technologies, computing can now be delivered as utility services. Furthermore, computing knowledge is changing so fast that what students learn today will likely become obsolete tomorrow. There are also many emerging technologies and methodologies for computing education. In view of such trends and developments, there is a need to study how computing education should change and innovate, from both curricular and technology perspectives. Under the theme “Innovations for Computing Education”, this special track provides an interactive forum for educators and researchers to exchange views, ideas and experiences on computing education. For enquiries on this special track, please contact Dr. Henry Chan (


International iCampus Forum (IC14) “Smart Education for the 21st century”

The forum will take place on 10 December 2014.


TALE2014 will be host to the IC2014 iCampus Forum, covering topics related to smart learning and teaching both in the technological and/or pedagogical domains. Papers are currently being accepted for delivery at this special forum. The forum is comprised of three main sessions, namely the invited speakers session, research papers session, and roundtable/panel session.

This event seeks to address various pertinent topics of interest related to next generation technology and campus environments, including but not limited to areas of research in the iCampus domains of intelligence: iLearning, iSocial, iGreen, iHealth, iManagement, and iGovernance.

For more information on IC2014 please visit


Special Track Papers

Special Track Papers should be submitted by following the same IEEE TALE 2014 submission process. Please select “Full Paper – Special Track on Computing Education” or “Special Session: International iCampus Forum (IC14)”  in the submission system. Papers will be reviewed by following the same review process (i.e., like other papers submitted for IEEE TALE 2014). Note that papers not selected for this special track may also be considered for other technical sessions.


Like other accepted papers, presented papers will be submitted for uploading to IEEE Xplore (pending approval). Authors of selected papers may be invited to submit revised and substantially expanded papers for potential publication in IEEE or other international journals.




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