This research group is focused on distributed computing and storage, peer-to-peer systems, content delivery networks, web caching, and cloud computing.

Recent work in this group has resulted in a novel concept known as Local Area Content Delivery Networks (LACDN). We have experimental results to prove that this architecture could outperform the traditional proxy caching by a significant margin. The current research is directed at web pre-fetching and cache replacement algorithms for the LACDN.


Ariyasinghe, L.R., Wickramasinghe C., Samarakoon P.M.A.B., Perera U.B.P., Prabhath Buddhika R.A., Wijesundara M.N., (2013) Distributed local area content delivery approach with heuristic based web prefetching, proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE), Colombo, IEEE
Study of organizations to obtain in-depth understanding of how business processes can be effectively supported. (Business Process management – BPM) with IT enabled process improvements.


Best paper award – National Conference on Technology and Management (NCTM) 2013 – A Distributed Local Area Content Delivery Network.

  • Malitha Wijesundara
  • Lahiru Ariyasinghe