Processing large volumes of data efficiently with an optimized resources and cost is now becoming crucial in most of the IT environments. With such a large data volumes, vendor developed databases may not bid optimized solutions due to various reasons. License cost is the key constraint among the others. Due to the fact that, most of the software architects now opt to use flat files as a cheaper and faster alternative to databases. On the contrary, downsides have also been introduced such as data organizing, query processing and query optimization which becomes the responsibility of the developer. Aim of this research group is to identify strenuous areas in flat file database management with the intention of improving efficiency while making developer’s life easy.

  • Ms. Muditha Tissera – Query Processing Improvements in distributed flat file databases
  • Ms. Chathurangika Kahandawarachchi – Automated solution for dynamic offline data transmission across the systems
  • Ms. Nethmi Weerawarna – Human language technology (HLT)
  • Ms. Sanjivi Chandrasiri – Digital linguistics
  • Ms. Laksri Wijerathna